Meudon, France

Meudon initially became Farnborough’s twin town in 1972 after aviation and rugby links had brought the two towns into contact.

In 1974, the former Aldershot Borough Council and the Farnborough Urban District Council joined to become Rushmoor Borough Council and Meudon became Rushmoor’s French partner town.

The main similarity between the two areas is that they both have a history of pioneering aviation techniques and are both important hubs in today’s aviation and aerospace industries. Most people work in service and high-tech industries and both Meudon and Rushmoor are well connected with excellent road and rail links and are situated near major airports.

Rushmoor’s current community links with Meudon are in the areas of music, language, sport and primary schools.

Meudon lies just a few miles south-west of Paris and has spectacular forests and green spaces. It also has a rich cultural heritage with its most famous son being the sculptor Auguste Rodin.