Lecture on the German love affair with Shakespeare

It is with many thanks to our colleagues in Guildford Twinning Association that we are able to make this lecture available to Rushmoor residents and partner towns in France, Germany, Poland, Nepal and USA.  We hope you enjoy it!



Public lecture, Spring 2020

“The German love affair with Shakespeare”

by Dr Ben Schofield, Head of German, King’s College London

Ben Schofield has worked with the Globe Theatre in London and is a lively and entertaining speaker. He is Reader in German and Co-Director of the Centre for Modern Literature and Culture at King’s College London.

Ben originally studied German and Dutch at the University of Cambridge, then Germanic Studies at the University of Sheffield, doing research at the Universities of Munich, Berlin and Passau (in Germany), and the University of Utrecht (in the Netherlands).  At one time he was simultaneously Lecturer in German at London University and Lecturer in Dutch at Cambridge, before joining KCL in 2008.

His areas of research include German theatre practice and the cultural relationship (or love affair) between Germany and Shakespeare.

To see the lecture on YouTube:   https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=i2ZS6YdruhU