What We Do

Rushmoor International Association is a community association that assists in organising cultural, educational and business links with Rushmoor’s partner towns.

What does the Association do?

It offers help, advice and support to local groups, organisations and schools that want to:
  • Establish links with like-minded groups in one or more partner town
  • Perform in a festival or tournament
  • Take part in an exchange or visit
  • Host an event in Rushmoor
The association also organises events and visits by partner groups to Rushmoor and mans stands and stalls at annual events in our twin towns.

Who are the members of Rushmoor International Association?

Volunteers and representatives mostly drawn from the local community who are interested in developing and encouraging links with our partner towns.  Anyone living or working in Rushmoor is eligible to apply to join the Association.  Please see Get Involved.


How is it paid for?

The Association receives no funding at all and like most community associations, it has to rely on its own fundraising and bid for grants.
Groups visiting our partner towns pay for their own travel costs but are usually offered free accommodation with host families.  Should they prefer stay in a hotel, then this is at their own expense.  In exceptional circumstances, the Association will consider assisting a child or teenager who otherwise would not be able to participate in an event with his/her team/band/choir/dance group for financial reasons.